Personal Training

Stuck with your training?

Need a different approach?

Come join our Soft Tissue Therapist and local coach of 10 years in our custom-made gym at the Canberra Soft Tissue Therapy (CSTT) clinic. Through a set of quick and functional assessments of your lifting technique and motor patterns, we can design an individualised training plan, specific to your ability, restrictions and goals.

Personal Training Packages

1 x session per week @ $100

2 x sessions per week @ $85 per session – total $170 per week

3 x sessions per week @ $70 per session – total $210 per week

Lifting 101

We squat, lift, push and pull objects every day, but not everyone knows how to do it safely or even correctly. How many times have you gone to pick up a chair or carry the groceries and felt a small twinge in your back? Simple technique lessons, coupled with effective activation technique can aid in preventing this.

Whether your sport is gardening or working out in the gym (or somewhere in between), being able to correctly lift a pot plant, squat down and play with your kids, or lift the heaviest weights you can, we can help this become a much more enjoyable experience, and avoid injury or strain.

Through simple lifts such as the squat and deadlift, we can create safer motor patterns in your body that will translate to your everyday activities and allow you to continue what you love doing for longer.

If you’re an avid gym goer and need some extra tips on your lifting, or a seasoned gardener and would like help digging that hole easier, book in today and we can start improving your technique.

For more details, please email head to our Contact Us page and leave your details or call the team on (02) 5100 7307.