Rebuild your Feet

Human foot function is an engineering marvel—26 bones connected by a ridiculous amount of connective tissue to make 33 joints, along with 20 intrinsic muscles and 13 extrinsic muscles. All designed to work seamlessly as a team to carry us for thousands upon thousands of steps each and every day.

The moment we learn to walk as children, our feet are wrapped up into a pair of shoes. This is the start of a life-long struggle for your feet. The majority of shoes today are designed more for fashion over function.


The two biggest flaws that shoes have are the size of the toe box (where your toes sit) and the heel pitch. Over time as your feet are squashed into a shoe that doesn’t actually look like a foot, your toes start to adapt to the lack of space and cause all kinds of problems such as: foot pain; lack of balance; loss of proprioception; rolled ankles; plantar fasciitis etc, and this is only pain associated with the feet.

Your feet are your body’s foundation and connection to the ground. Without these structures working efficiently, everything else above the feet will be compromised in some way. For example, if you are wearing a high heel of any size, your centre of mass is shifted forward so your body then has to compensate by shifting other parts of your body to maintain balance, resulting in excess muscle fatigue and strain.

To rebuild your feet, we need to recreate the connection between your feet and the brain as it has been lost through years of wearing shoes. We will establish some motor control of the foot and ankle whilst also going through some simple mobility drills to keep your feet fresh and nimble.

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